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We at William R. McDonald Funeral Home sincerely appreciate the trust that is given us everyday to serve the families in our community during their most difficult time. We thank you for taking the time to read what families have said about us and invite you to leave a comment anytime regarding the services we've offered.

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Bill Mortimer and McDonald funeral home are simply the best. Bill personally guided me through the funeral process of my spouse, my mother-in-law and most recently my father-in-law. The personal approach that he took with me was something I never expected. Bill took care of every detail. From going himself to the town hall to obtain military discharge papers to being available around the clock for any communication. This wonderful member of the Stratford Community is amazing as a professional and humanitarian. I cannot recommend William R. McDonald Funeral Home enough. They are a pillar of the Town of Stratford and know much more than some new pop-up funeral homes that really do not know how to get things done. I say this with all humility and respect.

Chuck Jeffryes

January 10, 2015